Sophie Oldenbourg

For a response to the first dominostone I chose to work with
Bruno de Wachter’s Text «X en ik».
The variety of vehicles in it, and the way these vehicles are charged poetically appealed to me.

Starting with cars, spaceships and boats I looked at all kinds of vehicles that carry people and goods, as well as meaning in many respects.
I followed Jules Verne’s phantastical journeys for a while, and got sidetracked by Édouard Riou, the artist who did the illustrations in some of his books, for example «Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Seas».
Riou also drew impressions of Central Africa to illustrate the accounts of the explorer Henry Morton Stanley’s very real journeys in Central Africa.
I further investigated extremely big or fast cars, iconic cars, rockets, demountable boats, ramps to present cars on... and the manifold connotations associated with them.

From all the aspects of what a vehicle might transport other than the driver, I picked a few that seemed to overlap or correspond in an interesting way. They have a lot to do with desire, dedication, and the question of what is worth one’s while.