Bitsy Knox - "Those Who Fall Westwards Together"

Where is the barrier between three texts, three languages, three stories?
Where does one leave a story?
Where does this leave oneself?
I wonder how the domino stones fall if I cannot understand the order in which they’ve fallen before - and so what do I do? I fall myself, and I ask that you fall, and you, and you - with the knowledge (and the hope) that we might stand back up again together.
A team-building
A plastic bag
And the sound of language
These are the noises which resonate for me from the Kick-off, the Fall-off.

I am told of a film, no, two films, or is it three?
I am told with words, and the words illicit images
But aren’t the words images?
Do the images create sounds?

A team-building
A plastic bag
And the sound of a language which is not yet a language, but merely an image, maybe a sound.