Olivier Perrier



It is during the evening of Domino Kingdom's ... , that I am reminded of a film I once saw at Kino Arsenal in Berlin ten years earlier. Three sets of presentations and activities with titles concoted by those in attendance were collected and added to a programme which was developed throughout the evening: a commentary, a formula, a making of substance.
There was also another collective performance which added and superimposed -through cross-fade- the numerous automatisms which lie in the experience of returning home. These essentially repetitive and solitary gestures were performed during the course of a day, appropriated one by one by different actors who imploded the unity of the chosen location in a dull polyphony.  From their house to an unconscious over-exposure. In lieu of a response, the paradoxical importance of these gestures was inhabited by a sense of reduction and clustering. In order to re-inforce the effect of collage, of superimposition and of suspended temporality : a projected image doubled these in larger form. With this moment of hesitation: who is doubling whom? The persistence and survival of the image of a gesture which I feed every day during its making, an emptied conscience...
But it is in this moment of "the programme" that I understand that "the film has already started"...just like the title of this beautiful film of Maurice Lemaître seen at Kino Arsenal in Berlin, ten years earlier.