Nicolas Galeazzi, Christians Luna, Adva Zakai


A little exercise in waltzing: three times three steps - a domino to Lima and back, or "The Feedback Which Trying to Avoid Repetition".

Nicolas Y Galeazzi:
Transferring towards plup! Translation for it vanishes! Transforming into mud! [...]

A proper fall of a domino stone is simply transferring energy in a chain reaction form one to the next. The energy within the first fall is the same as the energy within the last stone. When the last has been falling, the energy is - gone. 'Plup!' The stones of Dominokingdom went some steps further: their energy was supposed to be transformed. Squeezed, squashed, spray, crushed, mashed, cut, drag, queer, distilled, steered, and mainly jumped, beamed, smashed, revolted, explode, executed. An idea had to find its way to be passed on (or taken over, I don't know) by going through a personal whirler to generate a new associative potential. Plug the power cord! Dominokingdom as transformers in series circuit! But how was this regulated? And what exactly was in circulation? What served as trigger, resistor, A series of events experimented on a clean out of this procedures. Transferring, translating, transforming. Grounded on my disbelieve in the linear assumption in the productive term of a domino, I created a rotatable bookshelf, which offered the impossibility to be read crisscross through all dimensions, and to be roll up and down the staircase at TBC. Unfortunately, I built the wooden shelf 1 cm to large for the narrow staircase, and also no-one really understood the idea. As a matter of fact of the last minute setup in order to react on the problem of the 1 cm jut out, the audience titled the work misleadingly as 'Fragiologies'. No misunderstanding not followed by the next. An other title of the same evening given by the audience was written down as 'Whining and Whispering' but apparently meat 'Wining and Whispering'. Adva, invited by me to hold a lecture on skype for a peformance in Berlin in return for inviting me to Dominokingdom - more a ping pong then a domino - Adva, therefore, took this misunderstandings as a reason for her speech. Me, myself, I reacted with a preset chain reaction of translations. Christians Luna form Peru was sitting with me under a carpet. He could not see Adva's performance, but hear. I could see the performance by looking out but not hear, as I was wearing earplugs. When she ended her english spoken speech, Christians - who quite only speaks spanish - had to tell me - who speaks quite no spanish - what he understood form Adva. I - by bypassing the audience - I had to pass on this chinese whisper to an unknown skype partner in German. I'm glad that Adva did not understood how less of her speech remained in it's German version! Our resistors: the redundancy of language and incapability to understand each other. This translating-domino reduces the content up to its complete vanishment. I can accept this result - this is not the thing - but finally we had to see that it was not about translation, but an unintended transformation. This was the reason for the next step. We invited Christinas two weeks later to write a short performance, which can be acted out on skype. We connected our computers to a circular circuit. Each of us had to transform the previous act over several steps into something else. From Christians to me, from me to Adva, from Adva back to Christians and again. From imitation, to appropriation, to extrapolation, and finally to a reintegration the extrapolation into the appropriation. (see chart) This time it was a really exact experimental layout to structure the entropic mud of constant transformations. Just one associative step after the other, observing where we are, thinking what to do next, acting it out, reflecting again. As simple as it can be. We wanted to go beyond 'Plup' , vanishment and unintendedness and keep control over the induced circuit. The failure of this project was preset: I clearly followed the task, but first, I was constantly disrupted by technical problems, secondly I was trapped by having had the impulse to ask for interpretation of the previous act - I had no clue what the others were talking about - and thirdly I was totally unclear in communication my interpretation of the terms. Circular circuit!! I realised just now how close our communication was to the structural set up of the experiment. - Adva was the only one in the performance space and could have observe what kind of energy was passed on to the audience. Christians and me hid behind our skype accounts.