How we produced
the 1st domino-stone:

The first domino-material was produced during the starting event of
d o m i n o k i n g d o m.

An open invitation to the opening of d o m i n o k i n g d o m was sent by mail. People were asked to invite one further person to the event and to bring one vegetable with them, if they wanted to participate in the production of the first domino-material.

At the beginning of the opening event, the guests were handed out questionnaires concerning the relationship between themselves and the person each of them invited. They were then asked to give their vegetable to a cook.

The questionnaires were passed on to 3 writers who were asked to distill, in the narrow time-frame of 2 hours, 3 fictional texts out of the information derived from the questionnaires.
While the writers were at work, the cook orchestrated the preparation of the soup with the help of the attendees of the event. The ingredients: all vegetables that were brought along.

At the end of the evening the texts were printed in small booklets on the spot as the last action of the opening.
With the help of everybody who attended the event and filled in a questionnaire THE 1ST DOMINO-STONE of the chain thus was produced.


Thank you!
Virginie Monu - the cook
Phillipe Chatelain - the dj
Antoine Boute - writer french text
Bruno de Wachter - writer dutch text
Daragh Reeves - writer english text
Anne-Cecile Massoni - assistant
Einat Tuchman - assistant
Marie Gribouille - assistant
& everybody who came, filled in the questionnaire, brought along a vegetable...