We would like to invite you to work with us by following the next three steps (or just one of them):

Join us by writing: in the link below you'll find the text 'Curating as environ-mentalism'. You can add remarks, related texts of your own or of other writers, and hyperlink.


The text is online during March 21st - April 21st.
If you think of a friend who might be interested to take part, please forward this invitation to her/him

Join us at the public event that is inspired by your contributions on-line
Sunday April 10th, 18h30, at Nadine (Plateau): 30 rue du Berger, Brussels

join us on a d o m i n o k i n d o m event (Channel 4) where the publication with your contribution will be launched as a book
Friday may 20th, 19h, at Micromarche: Quai à la Houille 9, Brussels

Welcome to the environ-mentalism salon!