Zhana Ivanova - "Some Here, Others Not"

I prepared my performance in response to the text of Daragh Reeves -
"Some Laika Hot", written during the Domino Kingdom kick-off event.
My initial feeling after reading the text, was that I would like to organise it in some way.
I first extracted the nouns, adjectives and verbs and with those lists at hand i began looking for a system by which to order them, so that the sequential arrangement would bring about further narrative possibilities.
Eventually I decided to make a performance based only on phrases which indicate action. Following a particular logic I reduced the phrases to eight simple activities. For the structural configuration of the activities i utilised a model from one of my favourite animation films: Tango (1982).
This choice was to some extent also prompted by the third sentence in Daragh’s text: «All sorts of people in their own activities.»